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I was referred to Mike at Berkeley Motor Works by trusted auto mechanic shop ROB’s last month and scheduled a check into the possible need of a tune up and some specific needs like information display module and brake lights. Mike was finished with an estimate half way through the day and let me know I did not need a tuneup, but the front brake rotors were worn. He also saved me 350 dollars by trying three times to find a used display module, which ultimately worked fine the third time (3rd x’s a charm). The new replacement cost for the part was out of my budget range. In the end all the work I needed was completed under the estimate, and the brakes were so much better I had no idea they could be so nice, having bought the car used last year. Mike (The owner) is friendly, straight forward, and very fair. He was never rushed at the counter, listened to my questions, and gave me personal tips on how to take good care of my car for no charge.

Scott W

These folks are genuine BMW and German car enthusiasts. They love what they do. Every day. How many people can say that about their jobs? For me, they were very reasonably priced. I feel they understood me and the car. Their diagnosis made sense. And they were right. Problem solved and bank not broken. Thanks, Mike!

Dan G

I started going to Berkeley Motor Works because I was sick of paying the extreme prices at the Mercedes dealership. I was recently in a car accident and my insurance covered the external damage but my car did not drive the same after. My insurance would not listen to me. I brought it here and they were empathetic to my needs and took the time to fix the not so obvious problems that continued to frustrate me. A very accommodating and efficient shop. Definitely recommended.


They immediately diagnosed the problem and then accommodated my difficult schedule. I was out of town when the work was being done, and they called me to confirm the price and work. They are always very polite and very nice to deal with.


Excellent excellent service my husband took his 2001 Mercedes Benz to other auto repair shops and they kept giving him the runaround as to what needs to be fixed I found Berkeley motors online, and they are rated A in my book you do want to go there to get your car serviced are Mercedes runs beautiful thanks to Berkeley motors they take care of your vehicle just like it’s their own vehicle So visit Berkley motors you wont be dissatisfied

Linda C